My Skills

I am a Data Scientist specialized in solving complex data problems fast. My approach is to explore & learn fast and then simplify it.

Programming Skills

  • Python (Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib)
  • SQL
  • Java
  • C++
  • R

Big Data Skills

  • AWS EC2/S3/RedShift
  • Apache Spark (Mllib)
  • NoSQL
  • HDFS

Web Development

  • HTML
  • JSP
  • Javascript
  • CSS

Data Science + AdTech Experience

I have worked on following projects in the AdTech space in collaboration with other team members. I did extensive A/B testing, EDA and modeling using Python, SQL, NoSQL, Apache Spark, Java and many others technologies and platforms. If you want to know more about my experience and approach in these projects, feel free to contact me. I would love to discuss them.
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • User Acquisition & Engagement - Modeling + Analytics - Main Focus
  • Smart Retargeting & Re-engagement
  • AdFraud Detection
  • Conversion Attribution & Measurement
  • In-Depth Reporting
  • Cross Device Mapping
  • Connecting Offline data with Online data
  • Real Time Decision Machine - Production - In Extensive use


Striving to engineer successful outcomes in technology sectors.

Professional Experience

  • Data Scientist - AdTheorent

    Data Science Research Software Engineering

    • Inspired & directed the feature engineering efforts and led the model building on top of these features that allow for much more precise & intelligent predictions.

    • Designed and Implemented Real Time Decision Machine on Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform to predict the likelihood of User Engagement using incremental classification models for over 25 billion+ ad requests every day.

    • Beyond the core targeting algorithms, I also worked on several interesting and critical data analytic challenges that contributed to the overall reliability and performance including: Data Quality Management, Fraud detection, Attribution & Measurement. Used SQL, Python (pandas) and Apache Spark for doing most of the analytics work.

    • Collaborated with different business teams to develop strategy, metrics & KPIs for campaign performance and classification models.

    • Participation in creating optimal Real Time Bidding (RTB) strategies to optimize the campaign performance and yield results for Advertisers.

    • Reduced New User Acquisition costs for Top Brands by 10% to 80% by developing robust Classification models using data from various sources.


  • CUNY-Queens College

    B.S. Computer Science, Math MinorQueens, New York
    • Major GPA: 3.98
    • Deans List all semesters
    • 1st Rank CUNY Math Challenge (Round I)
  • Blue Bells Sr. Sec. High School

    Naraingarh, Dist. Ambala, India

Sample Work

I love Data Science/Engineering/Machine Learning. Below are some of my pet projects.

About Me

A little about myself, my interests and background.
My Story

Hello Friends, I am Gurpreet(aka G). I born and grew up in India and finished my high school there. When i was 18, i immigrated to United States with my family and here i completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science & Mathematics. After college, I worked at Startup as a Data Scientist and really enjoyed my time there. My friends describe me as Fun loving, nice and positive person and my colleagues say that i am passionated towards my work. I love thinking, building new ideas and Innovating.

Please feel free to download my resume below.

Personal Info
Name Gurpreet Singh
Phone +1347-771-2638


Some awesome people I've had the pleasure to work alongside.
Dr. Saed Sayad
Data Scientist, Real Time Analytics for Big Data

Gurpreet has a Creative mind and a Powerful analytical brain. He joined my team as a Junior Data Scientist and in the first few months his productivity surpassed my expectations of even a senior data scientist. Besides his unique analytical skills he is an expert programmer with an Extensive knowledge of Big Data Technologies and Platforms. The sky is the limit for this young nice man and I see a very bright future for him.

Dawid Zambrzycki
Senior Yield Manager at AdTheorent

Gurpreet will be there for you. Every time there was a need for a last minute model, he would put in the work and effort in until the job was done. He would then follow up the next day with improvement of his own. As a deskmate, he is a pleasure to have around and let's not even get started about his phenomenal computer skills.

Lee Carlin
Senior Data Scientist at AdTheorent

Gurpreet is the team member every engineer and a Data Scientist are lucky to have in their team. A hardworking, extremely focused and methodical individual, Gurpreet has been successfully leading some of the team's most demanding projects with an admirable calm and patience. As a colleague I could always count on him to provide strong and creative results in a timely manner. Gurpreet has been our go-to team member for effective state-of-the-art technical skills and support for almost three years, and his positive influence on our team will surely be missed.

Dan Jenkins
Director of Data Science at AdTheorent

I worked with Gurpreet closely on several projects during his time at AdTheorent. Gurpreet has strong programming and data analysis skills and delivers consistent results. He understands the connection between his work and the underlying business goals, and I trust him to take leadership on complex projects and make quality decisions. I've relied on his expertise to solve many of the difficult problems faced by our team, and will miss his contributions.

Chris Way
Senior Yield Manager at AdTheorent

I had the pleasure of working closely with Gurpreet during my time at AdTheorent. Gurpreet is a methodical, creative data scientist who is very skilled in a wide range of data analytic and modeling approaches. He integrates well with operational and business initiatives, and is always eager to apply his analytic prowess to solve client-related challenges and requests. He is adaptive, friendly and optimistic even in the face of particularly thorny business and data problems, and integrates very well with tech and non-tech folks alike.


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